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    Your records will indicate that earlier this month my blog spiked with an overwhelming number of readers and comments. Because it was a student blog, Matador U, the topics were off of curriculum. They blocked visitation.

    In the meantime, I have this account. While my readers seem to think I am this expert blogger, I am no such thing. I just wrote good content to the right audience.

    Now, I have upgraded and have downloaded countelss zip files to enhance my WP experience. I am hoping that my record of drawing traffic, has the same affect on your attention and I could get a little specialized treatment.

    I know my value on the market, whereas, to you, I am in iceberg. Still statistics are good at removing doubt. You cannot deny a logic that by helping me set up the model WP account and blog, I have l already demonstrated effect?

    Thank you
    J Kris Halley



    Now that I am fixated on this matter, I refuse to live in ignorance. If I so choose, I could put together ten years of articles, documentation and research results.

    I have a dozen fictional stories that might actually succeed in proving ORIGINALITY IS NOT EXTINCT IN HOLLYWOOD.

    In the past decade, I have learned my craft, undergone events that seem to come without reason, no matter the theory, and, most importantly, the changes and the insight it gave me all at once.

    I didn’t know how to handle it first and this sudden and abrupt change in demeanor was causing my wife a fear of me while I went on about my day oblivious to her state.

    I took the right idea, now common among many specialized studies on the role the mind has-or the power of thought and belief will transform the reality of the one who changed their perception of reality.

    Nothing is bad. Only bad things exist because we let them in. We lose a loved one, I cannot call that good thing, but it is a natural thing.

    I use natural in a generalized sense to account for circumstantial and other causes. I will not offer you comfort that somewhere, right this moment, they are smiling down on you.

    Know one knows that. As energy forms we never had a beginning and we will never have an end, so dying is energy transferring from kinetic to potential.

    That I can state without refute. I am not imposing what I have come to believe when I have not arrived at my destination yet. I will always seek out truths.

    Babylon the Great spawned out many false religions. It is easy to spot a number of similarities. But in it all, with all of the flashing lights, and shiny thing off in the distance the truth exists.

    We are not this tiny life form in this enormous cosmos that repeats the same pattern from the grandest scale to a quantum scale. We are all connected by the same matter, the same energy field, inside an even larger energy field.

    Our brains have a capacity to do things, just a few short months ago, I would have scoffed at. Then, in my close-minded gesture, I assured myself a victim of a self-imposed limitation.


    When my last blogs suddenly launched from a stray comment here and there to well over 4,000 total, I was not prepared. I am not sure anyone could be.

    While, I am not looking to attract a volume of traffic here yet, I will always choose my readers first. I will never take credit for something that I did not write or do, and if I quote “That One Guy” that is me. It means that, to the very best of my knowledge no one put those words together before, making it an original thought, that I would quote myself, while not taking credit.

    I have 4TB of MEDIA.

    Let me say that a different way…I HAVE 4 MILLION GEGABYTES OF DATA AND MEDIA that will begin to integrate sound, photography, and videography to enhance my content by applying dynamics at the right time.

    Here again, I need an expert from Adobe who wants to some money as a tutor.

    Things are going to be great and it is time to grab life by the short-hairs and take control of yours. It is time to pull out a few thank you’s and smile more. It is time to show respect, regardless of one’s station in life.

    Try love. It may be a novelty, but that isn’t a shot or a burn. I was just the first time you heard it used like that. Try love and sincerity, develop generosity. and what you cast upon the waters…will sink.

    It will come back. Quit chasing the dollar, and it will quit running from you.

    Money is a resource not the answer. The answer is always determined by what we ask. What do you ask for?



    Hi there,

    Congratulations on the success which you’ve been experiencing recently, though I’m sorry to hear that your site was shut down on your other servers!

    We do not provide any sort of training or tutoring (nor do we have a contract with Adobe which we can provide you with), however we have spent a lot of time and effort to create a getting started site over at:

    This will walk you through not just the basic parts of getting a site going (which I can see you don’t need any help with!), but also where to go next and a whole lot of pointers towards additional resources.

    In regards to your questions about storage space, we only provide 3Gb of space by default, though that can be upgraded for a fee. We do not however provide up to 4Tb. You may need to look in to some resources such as Amazon S3 servers for your storage needs or something similar. You can read about Amazon’s offerings here:

    I hope this helps!



    I have 4TB of raw data..I bought the upgraded package. I am confused as to which blog it belongs too. I didn’t start this blog with an audience in mind in the beginning and need to hid or trash a few posts, organize and focus on that site, and the subordinate domains I will work something out.

    I know it’s all on line. but, I would still not know if you were the kind of online vendor who would deploy logic in helping me progress quickly with a consultant. Now I know. I never dreamed you would have an Adobe specialist, it is just my efforts to reach my destination in the straightest line possible. So, I always will ask for help and often, I am honored to find a company that would see the opportunity as a great PR move and go above and beyond.

    With the mounting influence I would be touting you as the standard by which all other platforms are measured. It could just as easy be someone else with greater need. After all, I am just one customer and you have so many.
    thanks for your prompt response
    Think Well, Be Well
    JK Halley

    I will figure it out on my own and create a spectacle of the mind in content and in context. I will boost up those blog vendors who did want my blogs on their site because of the natural reaction is often inspiration for the reader to start blogging themselves.

    Help me with what you can, and I will keep a look out for the good shepherd | was hoping I found in you.

    I will close by saying this. This is business, not personal. I will have no remorse that I didn’t reach out to you in an effort to model your premium sites.

    I know it works with manufactured housing. I know reader testimony that uses very strong language in expressing their gratitude for my content that you would fall victim to logic.

    Get an author who has already proven his capacity on WP and team it up with all of the premium features that I use to make it such a popular spot.

    Of course I will get the credit…and the other site will see my real good stuff. But this will be useful until it expires.



    Hi there,

    You purchased a Value Bundle upgrade, which comes with an additional 10Gb of storage space, on the blog on 2014-01-03.

    In regards to the features which we provide, our Value Bundle contains all of our most popular items and is likely the product which you would want, however we do provide some packages which are geared towards businesses and very high profile sites such as ESPN and TechCrunch. You can review our VIP offerings here:



    Thank you and Well said…

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