Messy blog needs arranging

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    I’ve spent many hours trying to improve my blog. I looked at it just now and it
    needs reorganising! Any tips for a tidy appearance?



    in 1024 x 768 your meebo widget thing is causing firefox to show a horizontal scrollbar. fixing this would be a good start.


    How would I do that? And what is Firefox?



    firefox is the browser he is using.


    Nope! I no comprende. I moved it anyway. Sulz, please take a look and tell me how I can improve the layout. What would you do?



    when you want to log in to your blog, you need to open your internet browser. that’s the firefox, it’s an internet browser program like ie and opera and safari.


    Right. I’m still thinking my blog arrangement looks disorganised!



    Just from a design standpoint, I would suggest getting a theme (or altering yours) so that the middle section isn’t so wide. When you post more text as you’ve done previously, its hard to read across the whole screen. That’s why you have so much white space right now.



    Actually she has chosen a theme with 3 columns and it’s not what she is posting that is dictating the width of the central column. It’s coming from the code the designer provided for the theme.

    Also it may be worthy of mentioning that the number of clicks a blog gets also includes all those who clicked in and then clicked out because the site took too long to load. So what would be helpful to readers taking into consideration loading time, and the fact that not everyone is on highspeed service is reducing the very large images to thumbnails and using a free service like flickr or photobucket to link the thumbnails too. That way each reader could decide whether or not they wanted to click on the thumbnail to see a full-sized image.

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