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MESSY situation - need your votes to get me out!

  1. Hi all,

    Great news! Or shamefully embarrassing news! I have a picture up in a ‘messiest’ comp, in which I need votes, for you guessed it, being messy!

    If you’d like to check out the pics, and throw a vote my way, that’d be super duper, brilliant! Provided you like it of course!

    My picture is the one with the RED Border, titled “welcome“
    This is the link:

    Post a reply if you check it out/vote!

    thanks :)

  2. Just did!

  3. awesome! thanks so much mymyspacelayouts! i really appreciate it!

  4. oh whoops, i replied in my email book account - as you can see by the name ;) but that is me orangebucket!

  5. moonbeammcqueen

    You got my vote.

  6. +1 from me.

    IKEA is a scary place...

  7. I voted for you, as mark endorses the project. You are indeed messy! I particularly enjoyed the large fan, guitar, and coffee mug all in the middle of everything. IKEA may be scary, but it's scary wonderful. I would welcome gifts from them!

  8. Voted! :)

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