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  1. I notice that at the end of my blog, there is a section entitled META. What does META mean? I know that it Greek it means 'beyond' and other synonyms like it. But I suspect this is not what it means here.

    Below the title there are categories like: logout,, XFN, RSS, Comments RSS, Back To Top. Are there things that I can do with these categories?


  2. I clicked on some of the categories (links) and I see what they are, but they seem useful mostly to people who want to work with code and design sites. Is my assumption correct?


  3. Meta is the term used in HTML. If you look at most any webpage, you'll find what are known as Meta tags in the top of the source code. Here you'll find "backend" information about the page, how it was created, when it was created or generated, what the page is about, keywords, details for search engines, etc. It's more "backend" information for those who need that information, much like the Meta widget contains links for those who want to pull the feed, log in, etc.

  4. I am not clear on what a meta widget is, and what I would use it for... I know dumb question, but because I was using the hemingway theme, there were no widgets like meta or rss etc. So now I have changed my theme, and there are more options. One being meta???

    Can someone please help me with understanding what some of these widgets are?

    Thanks guys for all you do by the way.

    I love being able to come here and get help.


  5. Look at is as a list of Administration links. You backend login. Your RSS feeds. That sort of thing. The links needed to help run your site and allow others to pull a feed from it.

    (I'm working on FAQs on these. Maybe I'll get to them today.)

  6. secondchancetolive

    Hi Dr. Mike,
    You answered my question in a snap. Hey, by the way I commented on a short post you wrote this week, but did not hear back from you. Hope you got it Sir. Give me a shout. Thanks.

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