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    Hi I want to change my Meta description but I’m having trouble getting it done, How do I access the HTML code to be able to make a change and save it? I tried the google webmasters approach through the Dashboard tools and couldn’t get my site verified. Any ideas anyone?

    The blog I need help with is



    Ok thanks for that raincoaster but I have the words “Very high performance bicycles” come up as my site description and I would like to change that, I can’t find the setting on the dashboard anywhere? My blog is subliminal motion and it is linked from



    You are using what is called “domain masking”. Your blog’s address is actually but your domain name registrar uses a trick so that your browser thinks your address is actually at all times (even as you navigate through your website). This is not the same as “domain mapping”, which actually replaces your address:

    Bottom line: the title “Very high performance bicycles” comes from your domain name registrar. So you need to check your settings with your domain name registrar or contact them for assistance. There is nothing we can do for you on these forums because it’s not part of the settings.


    Awesome fixed it thanks



    Great :-)

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