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    Can I use meta tags on my blog?



    Afraid not.

    What are you trying to do with them?



    Well… I want to use them for SEO and I need them to verify my Google Webmaster Tools / Sitemaps account.



    You don’t really need meta tags for SEO purposes nowadays, and blogs do pretty well on search engines as it is. Most people seem to think sitemaps are equally redundant here (see this post), but if it’s a feature you desperately want, it can’t hurt to file a request through feedback.



    You can verify your blog for Google Webmaster Console using this trick:


    How can I use a meta tag to complete authentication with Yahoo?



    We don’t use meta tags at Why not start a new thread about Yahoo authentication? I’m sure more people would check it out with a different title like that, and some might know how to help.



    This bloggers blog is already indexed by Yahoo’s search engine. Both MSN and Yahoo preceded Google when it came to listing this blog.


    Hmm. I am a little confused. I am not sure what I need to do to have my site authenticated at Yahoo, as I am told that my site is not authenticated at Yahoo. These are the instructions that I have been given to follow to authenticate. I am not sure what I need to do?

    To authenticate your site ownership, you can either add a META tag to your home page, or upload a verification file to your site, please follow the instructions below.

    To upload a verification file to your site,

    an authentication key (DO NOT change the file name or content):
    If you have problem with downloading the authentication key, please create a text file named as y_key_76ba32cf3dfa0092.html, put this string 0fd3625e8caf59fa into the file.

    Upload the verification file to your site.
    Please upload the key file that you downloaded or created yourself at the root level of your site directory.
    The expected file path is .

    When the file is uploaded, please click the button below to let us know that the authentication key is in place. We will authenticate your site within 24 hours.

    To add a META tag to your home page,

    Copy the META tag listed below and paste it in your site’s home page in the first <HEAD> section of the page, before the first <BODY> section.
    <META name=”y_key” content=”0fd3625e8caf59fa” />

    When the META tag is added, please click the button below to let us know that the META tag is in place. We will authenticate your site within 24 hours.



    /nod to raincoaster

    Meta tags are a “no go” here at We do not have access to our template files on this multi-user blogging platform. Therefore, none of the blog templates can be edited to insert meta tags. Yet all of our blog posts are being picked up by the Yahoo search engines.

    What exactly are you trying to achieve by having your blog “authenticated”?
    In other words, what purpose does Yahoo “authentication” serve?


    Hi Timethief,
    Thank you for getting back to me. I have included why I am being told that I need to authenticate my site below. I will also include a link here. Sites – Feedback – Blog

    I believe Yahoo is telling me that my site is not authenticated and I do not know what to do, per this link.

    Please advise. Thank you much.

    – Badge – Preferences
    Feeds Authentication
    Manage Site –

    Site Not Authenticated

    Feed URL (relative to site path) Status Last Submitted Last Processed
    /feed new – –
    Feeds 1 – 1 of 1

    Want your own search engine?

    Get one for your site at Yahoo! Search Builder



    I think Timethief’s question is: Why do you want to authenticate your blog at Yahoo? What does authenticating it do? I mean, it already indexes you, so it’s not going to improve your rankings in Yahoo searches. What does it DO?



    Please read what I posted above.


    Thank you ladies I am not sure what authenticating does. I did not know why yahoo is asking to authenticate my site. I do not know if I do not follow the instructions what will happen, if anything. I understand what you told me and I believe you. I am as clueless why Yahoo would want me to authenticate my site.



    Then I wouldn’t worry about it. As long as Technorati knows who you are and associates you with your blog, you’re fine. And you did that many months ago.


    Thank you my friend. Have a pleasant evening. God bless you!



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    Look, spammer, we’ve discussed this. The longer you stay on this forum, the closer the Feds get to your pathetic desktop.

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