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  1. Hello,

    I have a simple question. Is there any way I can change Meta tags, namely Meta title and Meta description?
    If it's not possible to do on the home page, how to do it on other pages?

    This is necessary for SEO purposes (namely for Google to rank my blog high).

    Thank you.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. a) No, you can't.

    b) blogs are optimized for search engines, and you can't outdo that.

    c) The days when you could fool Google by what you wrote in the meta tags are long gone. Nowadays Google is smart enough to look at your content rather than your tags.

  3. We bloggers here at cannot access metadata files and edit them. This is a multiuser blogginplatform where all blogs using the same theme use the same templates and only Staff can access those files and edit as every edit they make affects all blogs using the same theme.

    Keyword metatags are not required for SEO pu[poses and Matt Cutts has said that as far back as 2009. Watch the video here > Revisiting Keywords and Tags Search engines are focused on keywords in your content.

    To verify blog ownership of a blog with the major search engines you must use this process > Note also that automatically supplies sitemaps for our blogs to search engines - we do nothing.

    The strongest factor when it comes to pageranking is how many other bloggers choose to link to your content.

    These are the positive factors that Google’s algorithm takes into consideration when determining PageRank:
    Keyword use in title tag
    Global link popularity of the site
    Anchor text of incoming links
    Link popularity within the site
    Age of the site

    These are the negative factors that Google’s algorithm takes into consideration when determining PageRank:
    Server is often inaccessible to Googlebot
    Content which is very similar or duplicate to existing content on the web
    External links to low quality sites
    Participation in link schemes or actively selling links
    Duplicate meta tags on more pages

  4. Don't worry about that stuff. If you were to take two identical sites, one hosted here at, and one self-hosted where you spent countless hours tweaking and tailoring all the "SEO" magic, the site would outrank the self-hosted site you spent all your waking hours tweaking. I've seen people pay experts to carefully craft meta titles and descriptions that half the time the search engines completely ignore. All the meta stuff has been so abused in the past that the search engines almost ignore all of it today.

    Good, original content is going to get your site ranked high. That is what it is all about. has huge search engine ranking and all sites here benefit from that association. Don't worry about it. Blog. Be happy. Take a walk in the park with all the time you would have spent futzing with SEO snake oil.

  5. Well, between the three of us, we've covered it completely.

    G'day TT

    G'day Panos

  6. G'day TSP
    Yes indeed I do believe we covered it. :)

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