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    Hi, I just searched for the name of my blog on Google (same as the url) and it doesn’t show up on the results. The name has my last name in it and other sites where I appear show up on the results, but not my blog. Why doesn’t an exact match search work and how can I boost my search results?


    What is the URL of your blog?


    Never mind, I see you have domain mapping.

    I put into google and find you. Interestingly you do not come up in the Google blog search.

    How long have you had domain mapping and the domain name?


    I notice you have a section in your sidebar called “paid content”. If this is advertising you receive funds from, then it is against the terms of service here at

    Adsense and other ads:



    Hi sacredpath – many thanks for your quick replies (and the traffic to my blog!). First off, the paid content thing is an RSS feed for a website called Paid Content, so no problems with terms of service. I should clarify, what I was searching for was my blog name, not the url. When I search for Welling Digital, I get some digital page for the actor Tom Welling’s site, but not my blog. I’m just not sure why my blog would be near or at the top of the list for that search, since it’s both the title and in the url.



    BTW, re: your question about the domain, I have had that name and the mapping since April this year.



    Google will read Welling Digital and Wellingdigital as two different words. My recommendation would be to make sure all of your internal links from one post to another have “Welling Digital” in the alt text, to refer to the blog not as “this blog” but as “The Welling Digital Blog” etc, etc. And definitely go to Google Blogsearch and register there.



    Thanks raincoaster, I’ll do that.

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