Why aren't my meta tags displaying?

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    I’ve checked the blog’s home page and there is no title, description or keyword tags. The other pages seem to have a title, but no description or keyword tags.

    Can I edit those tags? How can I at least get a title tag on the home page?

    Blog url: http://palmbeachcountyblog.wordpress.com/


    There isn’t a way to customize the meta tags on a WordPress.com blog. The title tag is pulled from the “Site Title” field you can customize at Settings > General.

    That will add at least a title tag to your site.


    Andrew – thanks for the quick response. There is an image in the header, and when a Site Title is added, it appears on top of that image.

    Is there any way to fill in the site title, but prevent it from showing in the header?



    Unfortunately, that wouldn’t be possible without a Custom CSS upgrade: http://en.support.wordpress.com/custom-css/

    With a Custom CSS upgrade, you could hide the title or reposition it.


    Thank you, Mac. At least now I know what to do next!



    You’re welcome!

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