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    i am new to wordpress and am unable to remove the Meta section of my site (using GRID). thanks for any help you could offer.

    The blog I need help with is



    do you mean the meta widget in your sidebar? dashboard -> presentation -> widgets



    yes the meta widget. do you mean dashboard -> appearance -> widgets?

    i have tried moving the meta to the inactive but it is still on my site.


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    I’m not sure of this—my test blog has undergone so many changes—but I suspect that the meta widget is part of the default set of widgets for your theme. Add any other widget. Then the default set will disappear. Then you will be able to add and arrange any widgets of your choice.

    (I think you can re-arrange the default set of widgets.)


    Just drag it to the “available widgets” area. Since it does not have any “settings” there is nothing to save.




    i tried adding and deleting some widgets with success. i added the meta widget and it included a second meta widget and upon removal only removed one. no luck


    @terrytimm: grid Focus has three sidebars. Link to the blog in question please.



    As Tess said, each theme initially displays a sample set of sidebar items. But those items are artificially generated from the theme’s undelying files, not actual widgets. So you cannot find them in Appearance>Widgets and literally remove them: you cancel them by adding the widgets you really want. And if the theme has more than one sidebars, you need to do this for each sidebar in turn.

    To get rid of the Meta in your right sidebar, you need to add widgets in the “Secondary – Shared” box.

    And you’ll probably need to rethink what you’ve added where in general:

    “Secondary – Shared” = right sidebar.
    “Primary – Index” = left sidebar when you view the home page or category/archive pages.
    “Primary – Post” = left sidebar when you view an individual post or static page.




    that worked! thank you to everyone for your help.


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    “(I think you can re-arrange the default set of widgets.)”
    should say:
    “(I think you can ~~~~NOT~~~~ re-arrange the default set of widgets.)

    sorry for the typo, but I may not have been clear at any rate;
    if others read this thread, perhaps it won’t be confusing.

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