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Michael Martine says editing CSS in his Sapphire theme is free. True?

  1. When I go to Presentation (in Sapphire Theme), it says this: I go to Presentation/Edit CSS, and this is this is the headline on that page: :

    The CSS editor lets you modify the visual style of your blog. You can edit your CSS and preview the changes for free. If you would like the ability to save your changes and make your design visible to the public, please purchase the Custom CSS Upgrade.

    Michael Martine says that editing CSS in his Sapphire theme is free (no upgrade required). There's a different way into CSS? I already know how to do the editing, if there's another way in...?

    Thx very much for any help,
    [email redacted]

  2. Michael Martine is talking about regular wordpress blogs, not WordPress Multiuser, the platform run here ones. With regular wordpress blogs, you have access to the theme files. if you were to do it here, since teh themes are shared, you would be doing it to everybody who used that theme and they would be doing the same to you.

    Where are you seeing that anyway?

    You may want to take a few moments and read the forum stickies here at the top of the forums.

    Hope this helps,

    As an aside, is he back? Last I knew he had given up on developing his themes and fixing the issues that existed with them.

  3. It certainly does help drmike, thx very much.

    I see it at Dashboard/Presentation/EditCss in my Sapphire theme. (the bit about purchasing an upgrade if you want to modify CSS).

    So, if there's an upgrade available in order to modify my CSS, then this is an exception to what you're saying about these multiuser themes being affected, if the CSS were to be modified?

    Don't know anything about whether He's back or not, drmike, I just followed the link at the bottom of my Sapphire theme, to his webpage...contacted him from there and he replied.

    I'll check out those forum stickies.

    Thx again, justplumducky

  4. @justplumbducky
    Just to be sure that you are clear on this. It's important to note that and run on different software. When a regular theme is brought over to it has to be adapted to run on this software.

    If there is a free css update for Sapphire (regular wordpress as in then that does not change the fact that at we do have to pay $15 for the annual service charge for having a css customized theme here.

  5. Yepper timethief, I do understand that ok, thx for helping.

    Don't know if Sapphire is a theme you can use in also, but from Martine's reply, it must be, cause he was telling me editing the CSS didn't require an upgrade, so he apparently isn't aware that it does require an upgrade if it was acquired from and used within,

    I initially asked Mr. Martine if there was any way the Comments text size could be increased without purchasing an upgrade, because it was too hard to read and really shouldn't require an upgrade to make it only easily readable. He replied that knowing CSS was required, that he did't offer support, that editing CSS didn't require an upgrade, and that I should learn CSS or use a different theme.

    Then, when I replied with the pasted excerpt (from my Dashboard/Presentation/EditCSS) about Editing CSS requiring an upgrade purchase, he just bounced it back to me, unanswered (and probably unread).

    Oh well, "I forgive you Mr. Martine, for your lack of knowledge about Editing CSS in your Sapphire theme when its acquired and used within Have a nice day and better luck next time, Mr. Martine." :).

    Thx very much for your replies drmike & timethief.

  6. Actually I was meaning where you were seeing that from Micheal but I see your note about contacting him.

  7. Oh well, "I forgive you Mr. Martine, for your lack of knowledge about Editing CSS in your Sapphire theme when its acquired and used within Have a nice day and better luck next time, Mr. Martine." :).

    I doubt it is lack of knowledge as you say. More likely that he told you he doesn't offer support, yet you felt it was appropriate to ask for it a second time. It is not the theme designer's responsibility to know how every possible platform deals with CSS editing.

  8. Those themes were all created before was launched as well. I use all three in my own regular wordpress rollout for my clients.

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