Microformats and the Sandbox theme

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    I am considering customizing my blog with the sandbox theme. Is there support for microformats like hRecipe when your hosted on wordpress.com. The tags in the theme mentions microformats but I thought on wordpress.com we were limited on what we can change to make microformats work.


    The blog I need help with is 3mealsaday.wordpress.com.



    The only themes we can use at wordpress.com are located here > Appearance > Themes The CSS upgrade is not recommended to those who do not have CSS editing experience as there is no Staff support. We have only a couple of volunteers who occasionally assist with CSS editing.

    You have referred to something called hRecipe but have provided not link to it.

    You have also referred to microformat tags but this is what I find when doing a forum search https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/stripping-of-attribute-values-containing-colons-make-microformats-impossible?replies=1 And my search of the support documentation http://en.support.wordpress.com/ for “CSS microformats” produces no results.



    The theme page for sandbox has a tag “microformats”……not sure why it would say that unless it was try to indicate that there was support for them. So basically I am asking what is the tag implying with regard to microformats. Does in have plug-in editors.

    hCard is a popular microformat.

    http://microformats.org/wiki/hrecipe discusses hRecipe



    I apologize, in advance, if my answer is not on point for you.

    wordpress.com is a multi-user blogging platform. There is no FTP access to wordpress.com blogs. Consequently, we cannot upload themes, plugins, etc. into wordpress.com blogs. We also have some code restrictions as well.

    wordpress.org self hosted software does have FTP access. So themes and and plugins can be uploaded into them.



    I do see the tag you mean now.

    > Appearances > Themes > Sandbox 1.6.1

    Rich with powerful and dynamic semantic class selectors, Sandbox is a canvas for CSS artists

    Tags: white, microformats , fixed-width, flexible-width, one-column, two-columns, three-columns, four-columns, left-sidebar, right-sidebar

    Unless another volunteer has a definitive answer re: microformats, I’m thinking you may need to contact Staff because I can find nothing more on this http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/

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