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    I looked at Live Search Maps (Microsoft Virtual Earth) and thought that would be something great to add to my blogs. I went to that site and entered a specific location. I then switched the view to “Bird’s Eye” view. An image of a location, close to the location I was searching for, was shown. I “grabbed” the image and centered it as I prefered. Now there is a beautiful aerial image of a location I would like to place on my blog. Is this possible? Really all I would like to do I use the image I was able to zoom into. I don’t want to add some type of map search feature to my site. This is way over my head (technically) so if anyone knows how I could accomplish this a detailed response would be very much appreciated. Thank you.



    Your best bet is to take a snapshot of the page (PrintScreen) and then crop it using a graphics program like MSPaint or something. Then save it as a jpg or gif or other supported format and you can upload it and use it like any other picture.

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