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Midaeval Maiden: A Proud Partner Of Frontierado

  1. Sara of lifewith4cats and midaeval maiden fame has just joined the Valhalla of Frontierado figures and is being kind enough to help share the word about Frontierado with all the readers of her WordPress blog! Here is a link to her recent post -

    And a link to the main Frontierado post, so you know what she's talking about -

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I loved it. You were absolutely correct in your belief that August needed a holiday.

  3. Thanks, Momfog! I keep spreading the word about it and each year there a few more celebrators here and there!

  4. We have so many birthdays in August... but, we're Western folk... so this Frontierado thing is a must... :)

  5. Glad to hear it cm! Soon we can march on Washington and demand official recognition for Frontierado!

  6. Unbelievably good. Enjoyed every word.

  7. cmhardin and momfog, Yeah, I will never forget the day of Frontierado because it is almost on my birthday. I could have a western themed birthday party and then tell all the guests that they just celebrated Frontierado.

  8. teamoyeniyi, Thanks! I've been doing the custom Sagas for people since 2009, but I've been celebrating Frontierado for a lot longer. Glad you liked it!

    I like your "A Very Frontierado Birthday" idea!

  9. Following in Six-Gun Sara's gutsy footsteps I posted the Frontierado Saga I wrote for myself in 2009 to show people what I meant by customized sagas.

  10. Another person I wrote a Frontierado Saga for has okayed posting it -

  11. Okay, folks, getting lots of requests for Sagas. I will be working on them in the order I get the questionnaires back and will send them out to you the minute I'm ready.

  12. In the meantime another person I wrote a Saga for has okayed posting it.

  13. Based on a few e-mails I've gotten some people may be misunderstanding. I will only post your Saga if you want it posted. If you prefer to keep it to yourself and your friends, etc that is no problem. I would never post somebody's Saga without their okay.

  14. Wow, I'm glad for all the e-mailers wanting Saga questionnaires e-mailed back to them but let me clarify again there is no charge for this. If anyone has any other questions just let me know.

  15. Another person has been kind enough to post the Saga I wrote for them. It's Jo Bryant AKA Buckshot Bryant from Chronicles of Illusion - here is the link -

  16. Wow, I've gotten three requests in the last two days for Frontierado Sagas that want my character, the Blackwater Kid, in, let us say "amorous" situations with the respondent's character. I'm really flattered and blushing and all, but really, I'd feel too odd and/or conceited doing that, so, I'll just limit the romances in the Sagas to celebrities or Wild West characters that people would like their character to be involved with.

    I am, however, open to amorous encounters with you in real life. (I'M KIDDING!)

  17. real life.... hahah LoL

  18. Ha! Didn't want to seem like a gigolo there.

  19. Due to a long power outage yesterday I am a bit behind on the Sagas. I expected to finish TeamOyeniyi's and get further in Didi's but that wasn;t to be.

    I will get them along as quickly as I can. Thanks for your patience! We've still got plenty of time until Frontierado!

  20. Okay, Team Oyeniyi will be ready in a matter of a few days! Since some of you requested anonymity anyone who wants an estimated time for their Saga's completion can just e-mail me.

  21. Team Oyeniyi's Saga has gone out to them! Robyn has said she's been too busy to check her computer for days at a time these days so it may be awhile before she even gets to read it. I will, of course, continue with the other Sagas in the meantime.

  22. Im also behind in reading. But as Elmer Fud of Bugs Bunny might say..... "BOY O BOY O BOY O BOY! Im gonna read me a saga!

    Robyn, will it be anonymous or public? Im jumping up and down behind you saying, lemme see. :) LoL

  23. Sara, I haven't heard back from her yet via e-mail either.

  24. its understandable. She is busy adjusting to a major change in lifestyle. A happy one.


  26. You did it again Balladeer. Great saga for Team Oyeniyi. And Sara made it into it as well - Buckshot's a tiny bit jealous here,


  27. Sorry Jo! :)

    Yes, he did a great job!

  28. Thanks, ladies! I really appreciate it! And, Jo, if the friend you mentioned at Robyn's blog wants a customized Saga of her own just have her e-mail me.

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