Migrate my followers to self-hosted blog?

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    I need the subscribers moved from two wordpress.com sites to my new self-hosted site. The old sites are:


    …and my new site is at http://www.inthecourtyard.com

    Margaret D. McGee

    The blog I need help with is margaretsbench.inthecourtyard.com.



    Hi Margaret – I noticed that your Jetpack connection is displaying a temporary address on this end.

    You’ll need to make sure that Jetpack is connected to WordPress.com with your actual domain name inthecourtyard.com. Otherwise you’ll have problems later with links in your emails to subscribers.

    Please follow these steps:

    1. Go to the Jetpack page in your site’s dashboard
    2. Click the “Connected to WordPress.com” button in order to disconnect
    3. Make sure that the domain name inthecourtyard.com is displayed in your browser address bar and in the Site URL field under General -> Settings
    4. Go back to the Jetpack page in your dashboard and click “Connect to WordPress.com”

    Please let me know when you’ve updated your Site URL and reconnected Jetpack, and I can transfer your subscribers for you.


    Thanks, Eurello. I was waiting to give the name server change time to propagate before updating the domain name in Settings.

    I just updated the Site URL to http://www.inthecourtyard.com and reconnected Jetpack. I think it’s ready for you to transfer my subscribers.


    I have updated the Site URL to http://www.inthecourtyard.com and reconnected Jetpack. I think it’s ready for you to transfer my subscribers.



    Hi Margaret – Ok, you’re all set! Let us know if you need anything else. :)


    Thanks, Eurello —
    I do have a couple follow-up questions. When I look at the JetPack site stats for http://www.inthecourtyard.com, it still lists zero followers for both the blog and comments. Will my transferred followers show up in the site stats?

    Also, on the list of My Blogs on WordPress.com, I noticed that the new stand-alone site (In the Courtyard with Margaret D. McGee) shows up twice on the list. Why would that be?

    Thanks! – Margaret



    Hi Margaret – Hmm, I don’t see them there either. Let me check with our Jetpack team.

    The old connection to your temporary URL was still active, but I’ve removed that one, so you shouldn’t see two Jetpack connections now.


    Got ’em — thanks, eurello.


    Awesome, Margaret! It seems it just took a while for the transfer to kick in.

    Is there anything else we can help with? Just let us know!



    Hi fabianaspsimoes,

    One last follow-up. The blog followers (those following the blogs for new postings) migrated fine, but the comment followers did not migrate. So those who were following comments on particular postings stopped receiving email notifications. Do you migrate those followers as well?



    Hi Margaret –

    In some cases it is possible to migrate Comment Followers. However, as you’re migration from two different sites to a third one, the mapping between posts is lost. That makes it hard to migrate your Comment Followers as well.

    If you have questions about this, just let me know!


    Okay, I understand. Thanks for the explanation.


    You’re welcome, Margaret!

    Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help with :)

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