Migrated and want to remove old archives, menu?

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    Hi, so new to this. I’m starting a recipes only blog and migrated my old blog over to word press. After much deleting of posts and restructing I am finally getting it to the point I want it. I still however have a menu(?) of archives by month (something I have in my old blog) and I do not want this in my menu bar in the new blog.

    As I’m new to this I am not even sure what to search for to get help to remove the archives in my side bar.

    Any help is much appreciated.
    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is bakersbeans.wordpress.com.


    Since your blog is set to private the volunteers here cannot see it to see what theme you are using so it is difficult to give an answer really.



    Whoops – sorry will get that changed!


    OK, I’m assuming you mean the archives in the sidebar. That is a widget. If you have not yet added any widget to the sidebar, then what you are seeing is the default sample set displayed by the theme. Simply go to appearance > widgets and drag and drop the widgets you want to show in the sidebar over and into the sidebar (wait for the little grey outlined box to appear and then release the mouse button). You can then arrange them as you wish by drag and drop.



    Will try that – thank you so much. Much to learn :)


    You’re welcome, and you will have it all figured out shortly I’m sure. It is just a matter of getting used to things. Here are a couple links that might help orient you.




    So I did as you said and under side bar there is nothing there except the box for transferring widgets over to the sidebar. I can see all the widget options…but nothing under sidebar to move/delete/transfer back over to widgets!! Not sure what to do next?!


    That means you ae seeing the default set generated by the theme itself as a demo. Simply add a widget to the sidebar and everything else but the widget you add will disappear. Add the categories widget and then take a look.



    Looks like I got it figured out! Thank you for your help!


    You’re welcome.


    I dont want a particular posting in my archive, can i delete it? It was the first about me, which i later updated, but they old one got saved in the archives, how can i delete it?

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