migrating .com blog to .org blog on justhost

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    Help please!

    Justhost are driving me insane!!

    My wordpress.com blog http://adorrlife.com has been hosted on justhost pretty much since the outset via wordpress domain mapping.

    I realised I need the flexibility of a wordpress.org blog. I want to keep adorrlife.com, still hosted on justhost. but as a wordpress.org blog.

    So I followed the instructions….
    ….on justhost control panel, I used fantastico to intsall wordpress (to my adorrlife root directory).
    ….Then I exported my wordpress.com blog content via wp dashboard.
    ….Then went to the new installed blog and imported the xml file.

    Now, I seem to have two wordpress.com blogs :

    Am I right that this is because the nameservers are still pointed to wordpress and need to be redirected (by justhost)?

    Or is there some other cause?

    A lot of this is new to me, so I would really appreciate your advice!

    Justhost are behaving as if this is something they have never dealt with, and have been insisting I need an sql file, and won’t accept that as a wordpress.com blog I do not have access to that!

    thank you


    The blog I need help with is adorrlife.com.



    So.. both of these domains ( http://adorrlife.com and http://adorrlife.wordpress.com/wp-admin/ ) .

    You’ll need to set the namservers for addorlife.com to point to justhost and ask them how to connect this to your account there. Then, import your .xml file you got from http://adorrlife.wordpress.com/wp-admin/ into the new, justhost blog at addorlife.com (once you’ve moved it). You can do this from Tools > Import. Please don’t worry, you do not need the SQL dump.




    thanks for that and your advice earlier, much appreciated.

    I went back to justhost, as you suggested….and am still in the same situation several hours on. I have even paid for justhost “priority support” (ha ha!), and asked the nameservers be redirected from wp to justhost.

    I have renewed the request and am awaiting a reply from justhost. I was wondering if anyone else has had this same (horrible) experience with justhost! There must be other wp/justhost blggers who have gone through the same process?




    Another day on…

    justhost seem to have no idea what they are doing…….

    I have asked for the nameservers to be repointed, and for them to advise whether all 3 need to be repointed or, if not, what needs to be done.

    Surely someone else must have been through this….?



    I would like to put a blog on my just host website, on a separate page from the home page. I would like a wordpress blog, but have not used wordpress previously, so have no content to import. There is a video on justhost help section and it appears to be straightforward, but according to this discussion, it sounds like it isn’t. Any advice before I get started trying out their instructions?



    If you don’t have a WordPress.COM blog, then you need to be asking over at WordPress.ORG; they are two different kinds of blogs.

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