Migrating from Blogger, 1:1 post mapping?

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    I’m migrating from Blogger.com (using a custom domain) to a self-hosted WordPress site (using the same custom domain). I’ve migrated the content, with the exception of images, to my WordPress site (currently using an alternate hostname, but will switch that once it is complete).

    Given the way Blogger formats URLs, e.g. http://domain.com/YYYY/MM/post-name-shortened.html for posts and http://domain.com/p/page-name-shortened.html for pages, how can I create a 1:1 mapping, either indicating a 301 redirect or simply allow the users to continue using that URL without a redirect? I’ve already set up my permalinks to be http://domain.com/YYYY/MM/post-name-long/ within WordPress, but am OK with changing it if it can help resolve this.

    Since I will be using the exact same domain, Blogger won’t be in the picture once the posts are all fixed/migrated. I am completely fine creating the mapping on a one-by-one basis instead of using an automated plugin, but I’m just unsure as to how.



    Figured it out, I’ll just be using the existing .htaccess and using “Redirect 301 /old/url.html /new/url/”.


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    please notice the differences between wp.COM and wp.ORG if or when you need help in future:

    The place for you to ask for relevant help is below because wp.COM answers won’t apply to your platform:

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