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Migrating from Blogger - Google not seeing me

  1. I've just migrated from Blogger (see my posts about why and how).

    One of the interesting things is how long it is taking for the search engines to notice the move (see here). Any tips? Or is Google terminally biased towards Blogger blogs?

  2. Google seems to take a little bit to fully scan the blogs here. MSN was a lot quicker than Google for me as well.

    Two sites that help me with stuff like this are the following:

    MarketLeap - Compares the results between search engines

    Google Dance Tool - Shows all of the Google datacenters.

    Normally I would state that it's just a matter of catching up but it appears that by using the GDT up above that your site isn't being indexed.

    And there's nothing in your meta tags blocking access for the search engines.

    I see though from your forum information that you've only been here for 4 days. I have a feeling that that maybe the issue. It's just been too soon for Google to pick you up.

  3. OK. Thanks for looking, and for the pointers. I guess Google picks up new Blogger users much more quickly :-/ as it never took very long before. Fair enough I suppose. I can (try to) be patient!

  4. I did go ahead and did the request thing with Google for your site. Maybe that'll give it a kick. :)

    Something that I have found that helps is adding a link to your sig if you visit and post at forums. I have sites that have something like 25k inbound links due to this. :)

    Good luck,

  5. Thanks. I'd tried that already. I'm wondering if deleting my blogspot blog altogether would help... so far I've got a link from every entry to my new site... I've also added the link to my sig, but not posted to many newsgroups lately.

    Anyway, we shall see how long it takes.

  6. Don't delete your Blogspot blog. Hopefully the search engines will follow those links.

  7. Just to follow up on this, Google is now reporting 7-8 (depending on the datacenter you poll) inbound links for Andy's blog. Still no pages though.

  8. Now up to 22 inbound links, but no content is indexed, after a fortnight.

    On a similar subject, on my Blog Stats page, what kind of things should show up in the Search Engine section? Should it show me referrals from MSN, Yahoo, etc. - at least those two engines do list my blog, just Google that is stubbornly refusing to do so :-(

  9. Search Engine terms would be what people are typing into the search engines to find your blog. It doesn't list the actual search engines though I'm afraid.

    I'm showing that Google is still not giving you an incoming links while MSN has you for 766 of them. Google is also reporting you as a PR0 which is not good. Still awful early though. And the backend datacenters aren't showing much impovement either. (especially since they justs did their dance update thingie.) It's not even picking up the links here in the forums. It does for other people though.

    I tell you what I will do though. I'll make a "Shout Out" post about your blog. That'll give you an extra inbound link. If you give me some keywords for your blog, I'll see what else I can do.

    Hope this helps,

    edit: You may also want to try manually pinging Technorati as well. I'm getting a fair amount of traffic from them and there may be an issue on weither or not they are picking up pings.

    Reedit: You may also want to add a link to your blog in the sig of any webforums that you are a member of and post at. That's one of the first things I always suggest.

  10. I don't understand what you mean when you say that Google have me listed as a PRo? What is that?

    Appreciate all the support you're giving me, and the additional link.

    I opened a support request with Technorati a few days ago, as they were not recording new incoming links to my blog, but that's fixed now as far as I can tell. I've already been round and changed every sig, profile (Slashdot, Plazes, Flickr etc.) and anything else I can think of that might provide linkage.

  11. Ah, OK, I looked at the other thread in the forum about PageRank, I get it now...

  12. Page Rank is basically a summation of both the quality and quanity of incoming links to your webpage. For example having a site like CNN link to me would be of more worth instead of say Joe Blow and his blog about his mother in law linking to your site. It's on a scale from 0 to a theoritical top limit of 10. (I say theoritical because some sites are automatically granted a '10' such as, CSAIL, and ERCIM and there are sites that have more inbound links than Google which also has a 10.)

    I have a feeling that in your case, you just didn't get in under the wire to have your site make it into the update (or what some people call the Google Dance.)

    If you want a better explaination about Google PageRank, feel free to read the WikiPedia article on it. It explains a bit on how PageRank is calculated.

    PR0 with Google usually means that your site just hasn't been in their database long enough to get a calculation made for it yet. That's why in the other thread, you're seeing people report that they jumped up from a PR0 to something higher like my PR5. It can also mean that you've been removed as well for spamming and the such. We've (meaning the webhosting that I do) had a few sites giving this in the past and we've had to work with Google on fixing this but I don't think that this is the case for your site. You would have had to have a PR in the first place and your blog is not a splog.

    Hope this helps,

  13. Andy, I see things are working better for you now.

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