Migrating from .ORG to .COM Picture Problem

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    I am migrating my site from a .ORG install to .COM and in the process all the pictures in on gallery lost the captions and now have the same title and the order was scrambled. Is there any way to fix this other than one at a time cut and paste the caption? I have 212 pictures so the cut and past sucks and the small thumbnails in the edit the gallery screen is way small.

    Is it correct that if I change the picture title that will change the order of the pictures? (001, 002, 003, etc) I tried the little number thing on the right side and things did not seem to like me (maybe I should take my own advice and look in the support stuff for changing the order again?) –

    Any easy hints for fixing 212 of these, order and caption?


    The blog I need help with is captnmike.wordpress.com.



    I also seem to have had some of the pictures in the gallery duplicated. Can I just go through and the ones that are left over after fixing the captions and sort order just throw them out of the gallery (the file names are the same) without loosing the other copy of the picture that I just added the caption to?

    Thanks much




    Well – sort of fixed things but not before they got real ugly – don’t know if it is the M/S Space crowd plugging up the import or some other issue.

    Pictures in a gallery on a post were replicated twice in the post, giving me over 200 pictures with no captions, add that all the picture titles had been changed to the same “Olympus Digital Camera” and the order was totally messed up – after a couple of hours trying to sort the pictures inside the gallery and delete the extra – I just blew all the pictures in that series out of the Media Library – then I uploaded a new set – great WordPress again turned all the pictures into the same title “Olympus Digital Camera” and not the file name, so again order was all messed up – but at least now I only had one picture each in the gallery – so change the title of 106 pictures to match the file name – then add captions to most of them – well sometimes add caption twice – since I found two pictures that were about the same and deleted the extra one and that threw all the captions away –

    So after 6++ hours or a bit more I have the pictures back in a gallery like they should have been after the import –

    Any guess as to why the above happened? Or if I should do something different next time I have more than one picture to upload?


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