migrating images to WordPress.org but blog here is using own domain address

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    I am moving over to self-hosting on WordPress.org and need to migrate a very large number of images over to my new blog there.

    I had been advised by my host (DreamHost) to use FTP to “copy the wp-content folder” over but then I read a previous forum thread which said I cannot use FTP to access WordPress.COM – is this true? Is there no way I can access the database that is holding my images & videos here on WordPress.com?

    The old forum thread suggested leaving all old images on my old blog here and “hot-linking” to my new blog. OK – I’m happy to do this but will it matter that my existing blog here is already mapped to a domain name which will be transferred to the new self-hosted site when it is ready? ie. I never used the URL with “wordpress.com” in it for my blog – my readers always just used the domain name from the beginning. But when I change the nameservers, that domain is going to point to my new site.

    Also – what about videos? I have some videos uploaded into the VideoPress feature and are embedded in my posts – will they be “hotlinked too”?

    Finally – what about videos embedded from YouTube? I know they’re already being retrieved from an external site – so what happens when I migrate my blog over to the new self-hosted site?

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is bighoneydog.com.



    Sorry – just one more thing – if I don”t set the blog to “Private” will this still stop any previouis readers finding this old blog? I don’t them to come here once the new site is live – I want to make sure they all go there. Since they don’t know the URL with “wordpress.com” in it – I assume they will just be typing in the domain url and therefore will be directed to my new site automatically? And as long as I set it to block all search engines then people can’t accidentally come back to this old site through searching either – is that right?



    Yes, it is true you cannot use FTP with a WordPress.com blog. If you notice your image URLs, they’re all of the old format, whatever.wordpress.com, not the new whatever.com. It’s the same for all uploaded files. The new domain name is irrelevant.

    Videos should presumably transfer over normally, but I can’t say for sure because I’ve never done it. For safety’s sake, I’d ask staff.

    If you don’t set the blog to Private, Google will put you in the toilet and flush. You MUST make those old posts invisible or the penalty for duplicate content will apply to BOTH blogs.

    People may come to the old blog via searches, but it is unlikely. What I did was set all my posts to Private and left a static page up with the address on it.



    Hi raincoaster – thank you for answering my question. Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you.

    I’m happy to set my old blog to Private but I’m worried that if I do that, won’t the “hotlinks” to images in my new blog be broken?

    Since I can’t transfer my image database over, I will have to re-upload all the images in the new blog and replace them in the posts – but I have a LOT of images in each post so it could take me weeks to do that – so I’d really like to go live on my new site, with the images still “hotlinked” to start with.

    Can I still do that if I make my old blog Private? Surely if I just “Block Search Engines” – that will already prevent Google from seeing the old blog?

    Thanks again

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