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Migrating images/assets from Moveable type to Word Press.

  1. I was able to migrate blog posts and comments but not images. How to migrate images from Moveable type to Word press and update the image src in the blog post to point to the migrated location.
    Blog url:

  2. This thread has been flagged for Staff assistance.

  3. Can you give me a link to a post where images were not correctly imported?

  4. Ok, I see the images there, and they are referencing the source from elsewhere.

    Is the blog you imported from?

  5. Yes, that is the blog that I imported the posts from.

  6. Ok, one thing that we can try to fix this would be to try the import again, but in order to do that, we'll need to empty the blog.

    Did you only have imported posts on the blog?

  7. We can do that. I am just testing out WordPress and I only have imported blog entries. We can go ahead empty the blog.

  8. I have emptied the blog as requested. Please feel free to try again and let us know how it goes.

  9. I still the blog posts in

  10. Sorry, i was trying to say - I still see all of the blog posts in

  11. Sorry about that, the process was delayed for some odd reason. It's clear now.

  12. I tired importing blog posts from the same movable type export file that I used but I did not even get a response from saying the import ran successfully. I have tried three times already. Any suggestions? When I upload the life, i do get asked how do i want to map the authors. So, wordpress is definitely reading the file.

  13. It can take up to 24 hours for the import to complete and for you to receive the email confirmation.

    Judging by the time I cleared your blog, it hasn't been 24 hours yet.

  14. Nothing yet, i am going to give it one more try.

  15. I tried importing once a day for last three days. I get the import is successful email ( it went to my junk mail that's why is my earlier post i said i did not get the email) but I don't see any of my blog posts.

  16. How big is the Movable Type export file?

  17. The file size is 8.9 MB.

  18. Ok, that should definitely work. I have reset your importer again. Would you please try one more time?

  19. I just initiated upload.. Hopefully this is it. Do you get error logs for this, if so won't it tell you the issue. If not, how do you ever know what went wrong.

  20. There were absolutely no errors for the last one, so I'm really not sure what happened.

  21. I have tried three more times this week and still no luck. I even purchased the pro bundle assuming that may be that might help. So what should I do now. I have been trying to get it to work for 3 weeks now and no luck. Is there a higher level of support that I need to get. Please advice next steps since doing the same thing over and over and over again is not working.

  22. I have sent an email to the address on your account. Please reply with the export file attached when convenient.

  23. Sent you the attached file on Friday afternoon. Please let me know what are the next steps.

  24. I haven't received anything.

    Did you reply to the donotreply subscription email from the forums, or the email with the subject "Re: Migrating images/assets from Moveable type to Word Press. (1328146)" from our support email address?

  25. I emailed it to "[email redacted]" with a subject line of - RE: [WordPress #1328146]: Re: Migrating images/assets from Moveable type to Word Press.

    I am going to try it again.

  26. Yes, it doesn't seem to be here. Instead of emailing separately, please try just replying to what I sent you.

  27. I replied again to the email, let me know if you got it.

  28. No, I have not received the email.

    Please try just sending a separate email to [email redacted] with #1328146 in the subject line.

  29. Just sent it.

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