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Migrating images/assets from Moveable type to Word Press.

  1. We still haven't received anything. Please make sure that your email program can actually send emails by emailing someone else.

  2. Well I have been sending and receiving emails all day. This is my work email. Here is the drop box url for the zip file - [removed]

  3. Ok, that will work.

    I have restarted the importer, so let's see what happens in 24 hours.

  4. I see the blog entries in the wordpress blog, but the image reference is still to the old blog server and they are imported.

  5. Yes, please give it a full 24 hours to complete.

  6. I see 63 images but there are more than 1000 and all of the image references are still to the old server. What is the next step now?

  7. Were the images uploaded through the Movable Type blog, or just hotlinked from elsewhere?

  8. Yes they were. All the assets are in Movable type blog. I did a migration with SquareSpace and they were able to migrate all of the images.

  9. What is the next step here? Is there higher level of support like a phone call or a web meeting.

  10. Sorry for the delay, we're looking into this.

  11. You should be all set now. Please let us know if any more images are missing!

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