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Migrating my followers from to

  1. Dear Support team

    I have just exported my blog from to and I want to bring both my email and subscribers with me. I have read in these forums that Jetpack now has the ability to do this. I have installed the JetPack plugin but I can't tell if all of my emaill and .com my followers have come across - are you able to help me please?

    The blog I need help with is, and was which I want to move away from.

    The LB Diaries (Charlotte)

    The blog I need help with is

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  3. Hi @thelbdiaries, I'll be happy to assist. One thing about migrating followers, it is not so simple at the moment -- they will be stored in the correct database following the migration, but won't see your new posts in Reader and won't receive notifications by email. This is something that's on developers radar to fix, though I don't have an estimated timeline for this.

    I can migrate your email subscribers right away -- would you like me to do that?

    Also, would you mind pointing me to the forum thread(s) where you saw that followers can be migrated now?

  4. Hi Jenia,

    If they are migrated to follow me on .org site, but aren't told about the new posts via reader or an email, is there anyway they will know? Could an RSS feed (if they use one) tell them? I have already posted to say I have moved to .org and could they follow me over there but not had much response.

    Please could you migrate my email subscribers either way, thank you.

    This is one of the few threads I saw about migration: the very last post by Aditya Jain is what suggested it to me.

    There is also this one:

    Thank you.

  5. I should add that I have already installed the JetPack plugin extension that allows you to have a "follow me" button which appears at the bottom of thepage where you can add in your email address and subscribe that way.

  6. Hi, I've migrated your email subscribers for you.

    Regarding the question about followers, this is something that we are looking to improve so that in the future, your followers can continue being notified of your new posts even after you've from to

    Another thing that you could do is enable Site Redirect to point visitors to your new site.

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