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Migrating (WP 2.0.7) to

  1. Hi I really hope some one can help with this one.
    I am no longer able to access my server files via ftp.
    The person hosting my site (for free) moved it to a new machine and will not give me the admin privlidges necessary to install the xmlmigrate plug-in.
    As a result I am looking for some way to migrate posts, comments, and links to without access to my server. Is there a way to do this without installing a plug-in? I am running version 2.0.7.

  2. Without the techsailor plugin for that installation, I don't think you can. If you could get ahold of one of the backups of the database, we could help you.


  3. I have the backup plugin installed already. So I can get a current .sql file from the DB.
    What can I do with this?

  4. Best bet is to export a sql dump from your current server, and import it into a WordPress installation running locally (on your home computer). You can then use the XML exporter to create the XML file and import it here on The only way to get content into is to import it using one of the importers under Manage --> Import or to compose it here.

  5. Thanks, Barry. You're the best.
    I installed xampp on my macbook.
    Then, I installed wordpress w/xml export plugin.
    Dumped the DB from host.
    populated local mysql.
    Exported XML file.
    Imported to
    All seems well.
    worked like a charm.

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