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    Dear WordPress.

    I would like to move my iWeb blog (hosted at mobileMe) to WordPress. I learned that the process is quite “easy” and it is well documented.

    My problem is that I do not know – and therefore I will appreciate your help here – how to move my URL to wordpress.

    my address is http://www.zamora.ch, and I’m located in Switzerland.

    do you have any tip i can follow in order to migrate my whole site to you?
    thanks in advance.

    Antonio Zamora
    Blog url: http://zamoraantonio.wordpress.com/



    We can help you importing your site from iWeb.

    Here is how you should proceed:

    1 – Make sure the iWeb app is not running, and quit it if it is.

    2 – Go to the Library/Application Support/iWeb folder in your home directory ( this is located at /users/YOURUSERNAME/Library/Application Support/IWeb ) and make a copy of the file named Domain.sites2 that you will find there. Store this copy in a different folder.

    3 – Launch iWeb, open the inspector and go to the RSS feed tab.

    4 – Set your iWeb site RSS feed to display 50 posts at once ( this is the maximum allowed on iWeb), and to show the full content of your posts ( moving the cursor all the way to the right ).

    5 – Publish your site to make the new settings live.

    6 – Access your RSS feed, which will show the 50 last posts, and save it to your local hard-disk. It will be named rss.xml, please add a number to it like rss-1.xml as you will have to save several RSS files.

    7 – Go back to iWeb, and delete the last 50 posts.

    8 – Access your RSS feed again, it will now show the 50 last published posts, and not the 50 you deleted. Save it again and increment the counter in the file name.

    9 – Repeat steps 6, 7, and 8 until all your posts are deleted.

    When you are done, send us the files you have saved, as attachments by sending an email to support@wordpress.com
    Please mention this forum post url.

    – Quit now iWeb again, and move back the Domain.sites2 you backed up in step 2 into the Library/Application Support/iWeb by overwriting the one in there.

    – Open iWeb again, all the posts you have deleted will be there again, publish your site one last time to restore it as it was before starting this process ( this is important so we can access the images in your blog during import).

    Once we get your email with the attachments, we’ll run the import for you.

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