Migrating Subscriptions from Feedburner to WordPress

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    I used to use Feedburner and now let ppl subscribe using the new WordPress widget. I want to transfer all of my existing subscribers to the WordPress e-mail facility without having to ask them to re-subscribe. Is there some way I can import e-mail addresses into the WordPress subscription mechanism? I want to do this with the least amount of work by my subscribers

    The blog I need help with is unexpectedtraveller.wordpress.com.



    I’m sorry but I searched and I cannot find a way to do this. Perhaps Staff can help you http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/



    Unfortunately I didn’t find this post before posting my own about the same question


    Just one thing I will suggest keeping in mind. If all your subscribers are through wordpress, and at some point in the future you decide to move to another platform, or go self-hosted, you will face the same problem; how to move your subscribers over. If you leave them at feedburner, and then switch over to a different platform, it is just a matter of editing your blog feed URL at feedburner and reverifying it with them. I did that when I went self-hosted and my subscriptions were uninterrupted.

    Just something to keep in mind.



    I did exactly what TSP said. I left my subscribers on Feedburner and if and when I move my second blog to self hosting like I did with the first one, it will be easy to re-verify with Feedburner.



    Ok, although that still leaves people who subscribe via RSS stranded if you ever change your feed URL. (one of FeedBurner’s benefits is that it’s an alias that you can redirect to any other feed URL in the future).

    On a Ning site I got around this by using some javascript to replace the RSS link in the header with the FeedBurner URL, so even the browser’s RSS link went to FeedBurner. But here at WordPress.COM custom javascript is not allowed either. :-(

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