Migrating website to a new domain.

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    I backed up my entire website including media content and uploaded it via an FTP client to my new domain. Everything works great on that domain however each of my pages says the old domain in the search bar. I’m trying to make it so that every pages domain references the new domain instead. I’ve tried a search and replace plugin but it ruined the formatting and images of the website on the new domain. Any suggestions?



    I think you need to be over at WordPress.ORG. We can’t use FTP here at all.



    It sounds like you have a self-hosted version of WordPress running on your own hosting. This forum is for blogs hosted by WordPress.com. The best place to ask your question is in the WordPress.org support forums. Please check out http://wordpress.org/support/ where you’ll find a lot of awesome volunteers who can help you solve your issue.

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