Migrating – what to do with old site?

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    I migrated mummyratesit.wordpress.com to mummyratesit.co.uk (my own domain). However, I now seem to have 2 sites and I only want one – the co.uk one. Do I just delete the .wordpress.com one? Sorry, I know this is probably simple stuff but i’m very green!

    The blog I need help with is mummyratesit.wordpress.com.



    Your old site has no real content on it – so just put a static Page that says I have moved with a link people can click on to go to your new site – search engines will not pay much attention to your old site – don’t delete the old site that takes all options away – you are running a commercial site that would be a Terms of Service issue here so not much chance you would move back here – but if you delete the old blog the name is gone forever even from you.

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