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Migration of existing domain to another existing

  1. I have a blog in which I paid approx 19$ to get my own domain ( say ) and didn't realize until late that I cannot control google adsense not analytics on my blog, although I have my own domain and not just the free extention blog.

    Now I started blogging in about another topic ( say ) which is hosted using bluehost.

    My question is whether I will be able to move the First blogs domain under bluehost as a blog from originally.
    As I read that bluehost supports multiple blogs, whether I can do this move by retaining original blog's domain ( basically two different domain in the same account now ).

    Please help me. I am new to blogging using

  2. You can just set up a new self-hosted site and then use these instructions to point your existing domain ( to your new webhost.

    There is no need to have multiple blogs or domain names unless you want to have them.

  3. Thanks rootjosh.
    I do know that I can move my blog on to and retain the current domain.
    But if I have to set up a new site, it means I would have two accounts and I want to know if I can use my existing and bluehost account to support this blog also and still retain the domain name. Meaning, I will have a net of two domains in one account and bluehost account.

  4. No is the short answer. The long answer is that and WordPress.ORG are completely independent. For every webhost you have, you need a different account.

  5. Exactly what Raincoaster posted. Due to the fact that does not operate like, the site's aren't connected. The term "moving to" mostly is just used to mean "I am switching to a self-hosted WordPress site". itself doesn't host anything.

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