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Migration of stats from to self hosted

  1. nightclubstonightfeeds

    Old blog :

    Current blog :

    i'm noticing on both sites that I haven't had any views at all since migration - is that right? Just doesn't seem right as I have views everyday, will this change when it's switched over?

    Also I used to use the wordpress stats widget on my phone.. Will I still be able to use this with a self hosted site?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. nightclubstonightfeeds

    Thanks guys!

  3. Hi @nightclubstonightfeeds, can you double check the site URL settings for the self-hosted installation? That should be under Settings > General.

    Once that's done, please disconnect and reconnect Jetpack so your site has the right name.

    Then we can merge your stats for you. :)

  4. nightclubstonightfeeds

    hey - thanks for getting back!

    I have checked that and it is showing:

    So that seems correct to me? Or is it necessary to have www. in front?

  5. nightclubstonightfeeds

    Hi - I've disconnected and reconnected now, so all good for you to migrate..


  6. Hi So that seems correct to me? Or is it necessary to have www. in front?

    I doesn't need the WWW, but I still don't see a connection for that site. Can you try completely disconnecting Jetpack, then reconnecting it using this nightclubstonightfeeds account?

  7. nightclubstonightfeeds

    I did that - would you mind checking now?

  8. I still don't see a Jetpack connection for . Can you get in touch directly with Jetpack support by clicking on Dashboard > Jetpack > Debug and sending an email there? That will send a report with more information about your current settings.

  9. nightclubstonightfeeds

    Hi there - hoping that has worked now.

    I looked and Jetpack hadn't connected as I was using the same user name and log in on both sites!

  10. Thanks! This is done now. You can migrate your followers too if you haven't already:

  11. nightclubstonightfeeds

    Thanks so much!

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