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migration to self hosted & image exporting or uploading

  1. Hello! I am contemplating exporting my old blog to my new blog, which will be a self-hosted WordPress blog. I know about the export command etc., but am wondering what would be the most efficient way to load/copy/transfer IMAGES from the old to the new blog. I have several related questions:

    After importing the content into, do the posts automatically become published/public, or is there can they be edit mode first?

    Do graphics need to be loaded individually from each post after importing, or is there an efficient way to add them to new blog via FTP software? If so, is location of an image relative to a post always in the same "directory" as the post? )I guess this is a question about relative url, etc.)

    Thanks for your assistance.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you have a lot of images, my suggestion is to keep the blog here active (don't delete it) and leave the current images "hot linked" from the new blog to the old blog.

    If you move the images over to the new host, then you are going to have to edit each post that has an image and replace the old URL with the new one. A big job in you have a lot of images.

    What I did was leave the images here and then work on moving them over and fixing the URL's in the posts, a few at a time.

    The images here will have to be downloaded one at a time via your browser since there is no FTP access here.

  3. o.k., So, does hot-linked mean that the image will show up as an IMAGE or as a hypertext link? I think I recall the WP editor has a way to define an image location via a url rather than uploading it. I think this is what you are talking about....? Will this still cause duplicate results on google if I leave my blog here active? I recall someone said previously I could make my blog here "private" -- will that allow the technique you recommend to work?

  4. No, the image will show up an an image, it will just be that the URL of the image will be the original wordpress.COM URL. Your new blog will load the images from the old blog "on the fly."

    All of your images in your posts and pages have wordpress.COM URL's. When you move your posts and stuff over to the new blog, those image URL's will still point to wordpress.COM.

    Set the old blog to block search engines under settings > privacy (middle option) and then Google will quit indexing it and within a few months, your posts and such from the old blog will disappear from Google.

  5. If you set the blog to private, your images will all become unavailable for hotlinking.

  6. Thanks much you two!

  7. one more thing...upon importing the file into, are the posts automatically "published" or "unpublished" (perhaps this is a question for the forums on

  8. It depends whether your posts were published here or not. As I understand it, all drafts stay drafts. All published posts stay published. If you're importing them and then fiddling with them, maybe set the blog they're going INTO as Private until things are just the way you want, then you can change that setting.

  9. Yes. Good idea. Thanks!

  10. I Just exported my .com blog to my self-hosted .org space, and the images came along, pointing to the old blog of course. I was pleasantly surprised by this, but all my May and June entries did'nt get imported. Any idea why? I will also post this question on the .org forums.

  11. The image URL's were not changed in the export/import/ so you are actually "hot linking" to the images here at wordpress.COM.

    You will have to open the export file in a plain text editor and look for your many and june entries (they begin with [item] and end with [/item]. If they are there then there was a problem with the import. If they are not there, then there was a problem with the export.

    If they are there, try importing it again. WordPress will not duplicate the posts already imported so it may pick up the others.

  12. Thanks! Imported again and all remaining posts came through fine.

  13. You're welcome. It was probably a timeout or time limit issue at your new web host that caused that issue. I've seen that before so I figured doing the import again might fix it.

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