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    Why is it that I have entered 7 bookmarked sites and yet no blogroll is appearing on the site?

    My theme is Andreas 09 1.5 and “yes” I think I have correctly dragged and dropped the widgets into the sidebars.

    Could it be that this theme does not support a blog roll?



    I’m trying to do the same. Looking around I see others have blogrolls and links.



    Have you assigned the links to categories?

    Been discussed a few times.



    Hi I have been having the same problem… I see there is a remedy.. I added a categorie of “blogroll” and will see if this does it.

    I def dragged the right widget over to the right box and I have about 20 links set up for the blogroll… but no luck for days.





    Set up new category of “Blogroll” and input a couple new links to “update”

    but list of links or “blogroll” to sidebar still does not appear.

    This is kind of basic, to be honest.

    Thanks for any tips.



    marisacat – your bookmarks will not appear until you have assigned them to a category.
    This page shows them all blank
    Bookmarks > Manage bookmarks
    Create the categories for each sort of bookmark
    Edit each bookmark to add it to a category and all should be good.
    If not, come back :)



    well sorry to be dense, but I simply don’t understand. Nowhere did it tell me to assign categories for the blogroll, nor for each link entry….

    When I go to ”bookmarks” I see the 20 or so all lined up.
    but obviously something is lacking as they don’t migrate to the blog page and appear.

    I will fish around some, but this is a basic that is really not clear.



    podz… I got it.

    Thanks for the help.

    But it would be a big clear light bulb for the less adept if it clearly said to establish a category of “blogroll” (or whatever) and then click it with each entry.

    NOt a big deal the solution is just to edit… but this took three tries going to three different sources.

    Thanks a lot…. I know the non tech people like me are slow… ;)



    OK, I did establish a category for blogroll, but still, no luck.



    Did you check your Bookmark? If you have links there it will appear automatically. Go to your Dashboard – Presentation – Theme Choice – Sidebard Widget – Drag Links to the Right Side column you wish to show your widgets then save.



    i tried “links” as the name of the categories for my bookmark entries. and it works. :)



    This is my first blog here and this link, “blogroll”, problem is really getting at me.
    Ive done everything suggested here. Nothing works. The categories that I create wont stay with the bookmarks. Thus the Bookmarks widget wont appear on my blog.

    I dont know much about this kind of stuff, but im just wondering how hard is it to make links work?



    Ive done everything suggested here.

    Might help if we knew what you have done and maybe we can see if there was something missing.



    I go to make a new bookmark and I go through the whole process; url, name, description, and the category. When I add one everything shows up except for the category. I even try to edit it back in but it dosent work. From what ive read this prevents the links from showing up on the blog.

    The Links widget is in the sidebar “queue” or whatever its called.

    For other info, Im using the WordPress default theme.


    I’m using the Regulus 2.1.1 theme and my blogroll links aren’t showing up either, fwiw. I’ve tried it with categories and without. Is this just some temporary weekend burp or…?



    defrost, have you read the posts up above? :)

    Matt says they’re looking into it though.


    Yes, I have.

    When I’m in my dashboard > Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks, the bookmarks are there *but* there’s nothing in the Categories column at all. I have tried to put links in the “Blogroll” category, “Links”, “Friends”…nada.

    Would it help if I switched themes?



    I removed your insult by the way. Please remember that we are mostly all volenteers here trying to help each other out. Gotta admit that the comment you made was rather insulting to me. We do try our best.

    Now that. You just found the cause to the issue. Your links are not in categories. You state that you have tried to place the links into categories but have not been able to. Unfortunely, you don’t tell us what happens when you try. (ie there’s no error code that says “nada” :) )

    I see that you have two categories already on your blog labeled Horses and Uncategorized. You do not state that you have tried to add your links to any of those categories and the categories that you do mention are not shown on your blog. Could you please try assigning one of your links to the Horses category just to see if they show up please? I have a feeling that you also have to have posts with the category for it to work.

    Hope this helps,



    Hello all!

    I have followed podz instructions, and it did work! Check all the links in your bookmarks sections. You should assign a category to each bookmark link, else your bookmarks will not appear on the sidebar. Go to Bookmars > Manage Bookmarks, create the categories for each sort of bookmark. Edit each bookmark to add it to a category. After saving the changes, check your blogsite. Voila! All your bookmark links are already there in your sidebar!




    Ok, I’m still having trouble. I’ve created categories and those appear to have saved. I’ve tried assigning the one bookmark (BGAL) to a category I have the post for. The bookmark saves, but the categories section remains blank when I check it. I’ve moved over the links widget. I’m using the Sapphire theme. What aren’t I doing?



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