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milestone widget hasn't changed

  1. It should've clicked over today from 8 months to 7, but remains obdurately as it was.
    Is it the widget?
    Is it the theme in which the widget is set?
    Is it me?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Ah, I see, timethief - thank-you. I always enter some terms into the search box before posting; but the problem is that one usually gets a bewilderingly large result that doesn't in the short term show what one seeks.
    I shall now check those links.
    Much obliged!

  3. I use Google search because it's faster, more relevant and more comprehensive.

  4. Panos' countdown links are all much too flashy for me; animation is well outside my elderly arena.
    The link to the forum discussion on the milestone widget seems to indicate that there is simply no solution: why is this acceptable?
    Why does WordPress offer a widget that doesn't work?
    Would you be good enough to pass on my question, please? - surely there must be a staff support response to a non-functional widget ...?

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