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    Provide formatting options for the Milestone Widget – user selectable, Month (current default), Week and Days. I have used the Milestone Widget a couple of times and the Month counter can be a bit misleading – nice that it switches from Months to days at 1 month out – but a about 59 days it still says 1 Month – misleading to me and confused some students

    The blog I need help with is



    + 1 or seconded or whatever amounts to I agree :0


    yes please!!!
    I’d love to be able to change the timeframe displayed on the Milestone widget.
    Options of days or weeks would be a great addition to the month option.
    I’d also love it to be a user-choice as to which is displayed



    I wish I have the option of counting how many days have passed from a specific date / event

    I need this for the blog

    Main goal is to push someone to do His Work that has been assigned at the date/event



    I fully agree with this! We really do need proper formatting options so that we can display the countdown how we want it oo. Just displaying months isn’t helpful at all. We need Months, Weeks and Days (hours and minutes are also good!!). We need to the choise of how many of these we display, dropping months and weeks would just show the total days left (4 weeks = 28 days for example).
    The widget could also use some colour options and, importantly, a size option – small, medium, large. Lets say the current one is Large and scale down from there.

    Come on WP, you can do this!!



    I would really love to use Milestone on my page.



    Yes: or change it so it always shows months and days, or just lists days alone. That makes so much more sense. As it is, it’s really confusing for 24 days out of the month, if you’re more than one month out. I’m removing it until then. :(



    It was strange to see that I suddenly only had a month left in the countdown once I hit 2 months less a day. Adding a days option would be most excellent. Seconds, not so much.



    It is really misleading to have it showing one month when there are in fact nearly two months left until the actual date, days would be much better ….



    I fully agree with a need of an upgrade to the milestone widget. Please !

    @justpi : Thank you very much for the links but I have not been able to find a counter as “clean” in terms of the visual aspect as the current one. Maybe you can propose one. Thks.


    I also agree with the Milestone widget changes listed above. I currently have an important date listed that is more than 1 month away, but less than 2 months, and the widget says it is 1 month away. As I run a non-profit blog and we are counting down to a building construction event, accuracy is important!

    I love the widget, but if it can’t be fixed, I’m going to have to remove it as I don’t want to mislead potential donors.


    Right, forgot the site. And before you complain about the URL, it was decided by committee. Lol.


    I wish I could say something else but I must say that, at this point, I’m very disappointed by the support one can get from the support team on one of the standard widget, despite the numerous requests there have been for changes on that widget. Looks like the support team is non existent as there are no replies and no direct email address to use. Not even sure there are reading this forum as there are no answers at all !
    I’m clueless why that is that way !



    The Support Staff are at a meetup until July 23rd. They are monitoring threads abd dealing with the urgent issues we Volunteers are marking for their attention. This is not an urgent issue.



    days days days. months are outdated!


    Don’t wanna start a new topic about the same problem, so here goes:
    My Milestone for an event is October 15th, which is 54 (to the day) days away. Unfortunately, currently the Milestone widget shows 1 month, which is highly incorrect, especially since it’s almost 2 months away. It would really be best if the widget either counts down the days, or months and remaining days. Right now I’m going to use another widget, cause this is clearly not working.



    I have the same problem (my date is approx 7 weeks away so the 1 month countdown number is very misleading). I understand this is may not an urgent issue for WordPress it does seem like a lot of people would like this change and have been asking for a fix for a while… am hoping my additional post will move it up on the priorities list!




    I have the same problem as everyone else — my countdown to election day says “one month” (which isn’t accurate) on my site, Can’t this widget be upgraded pretty easily by someone out there? Please?

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