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    The widget should show number of days remaining to the “day”. Instead it shows “2 MONTHS”. Where does that comes from? It doesn’t mean anything. In fact, from today to April 10, it’s actually 4 months. How can I get it to show the number of days remaining to “D Day”? Thanks

    The blog I need help with is


    This widget displays number of days only if the interval is less than one month, otherwise it displays number of months. But they’ve made a mistake and 3 months in particular shows up as 2 months. You should report this to staff:

    For alternatives see here:


    Thanks for your response. I’ll check it out!



    Me too!

    Thx for mentioning this and the offered alternatives.
    I ran into the same problem.


    I’m having the same issues with the Milestone widget not calculating the correct number of months. Has anyone received a resolution to this? I’ve been going through all the forums and haven’t found a resolution.


    I’ve recently added Milestones, it isn’t perfect no, but I love the idea so I really hope they do manage to fix it.
    I have one for countdown to Easter and another for Christmas :D


    @dovesgold. Christmas! Yikes!



    I just fallged this thread for Staff attention. It will be moved to the Themes Forum so Themes Staff are made aware if the issue.


    @jannetteandfranklin, I tested the widget and it does appear to be working correctly in my tests right now. I looked at and I don’t see a milestone widget there right now. Did you remove it?

    @dovesgold, I checked and I see one milestone widget with the date set to “April 8th, 2012” which is 37 days from now, and the content of the widget currently says “1 month to go.” That looks correct to me. Are you still having any trouble?

    Based on the earlier part of this thread, it seems like there may have been a past bug that was fixed. If anyone is still having trouble, can they please provide a link to where we can see the problem happening?


    How do you change the colour and font of the Milestone widget in CSS?
    I can’t find it in my stylesheet and want to change it to fit my blog better.



    This isn’t a CSS thread so will you please use this link to start your own thread in the CSS Forum where Staff will help you with your CSS editing of the Suburbia theme?


    @ designsimply – thankyou for looking, I may have mistook that it can only count in whole months, so that when there is a month and a half to a particular date, it just shows that it’s one month.
    I thought it did months and says, but it’s ok I like it; I hope you wont take it away, it’s still fun as it is, thanks.

    @ jessielansdel lol yes I’ve hid it though on my smaller blog so not many will be scared that there’s a big sign saying only 9 months to Christmas :D
    I’m a Christmasoholic maybe.


    I thought it did months and says

    I mean months and days. :)




    Any chance of the Milestone Widget to work the other way around?
    To count upwards from a specific date.



    Not at this time.



    Thank you for ypur reply timethief.
    (any chance you steal me some time? ) ;-)

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