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Milestone wigdget

  1. When i select the milestone widget in my blog it keeps showing "dagen to go" it semi-english/semi-dutch. can you please make it proper dutch? best would be dagen the gaan.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. same problem in german :-(
    "Tage to go" sounds strange.

    Looking forward to reading an answer here.

  3. You can suggest translations in GlotPress:
    Choose your language ad filter 'to go'.
    It may be the second or the third string. In German the third one is already translated ...

  4. Should be the third string.
    I think [%1$s] is the number and [%2$s] the unity of time. You can reorder this codes if necessary.

  5. @ludusnaturae
    Greetings to you. :)

  6. Yes! Long time no see.

  7. Cheers 'timethief' & 'raincoaster'! Currently I'm collaborating mainly in Portuguese and Spanish forums.

  8. Ah ... that's why we have haven't seen you post for so long here. Wishing you well. :)

  9. Same to you. :)

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