Milestones widget lost it's countdown to Christmas

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    After changing my background colour, the Milestones widget stopped displaying countdown numbers and became a coloured blank block; is it a temporary bug or do I need to alter something? Thanks :)

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there – Hmm, I see that. It looks like the background color switch has also changed your font color to transparent. This is a bug, and I’ve added a note to the bug report for your issue. I’ll let you know when I have more information about it.


    Thankyoul I have bookmarked, so will check in periodically, thanks for answering :)


    lol image widgets now no longer displaying images on one of my other blogs now :) this one I haven’t changed colour nor anything.



    Hmm, your image widgets all show up there for me. Is there a specific page where one isn’t displaying and if so, can you link me directly to it?


    yes thankyou I have to periodically take them off then put them back on, they show for a while then the words remain but the images disappear; it is an intermittent problem; I put them back on again the other day, will let you know when they disappear again :) Did you manage to change the transparent font problem on the other milestone? thanks, happy Christmas :)



    Hi there – Ok, thanks. It’d be good if I could look at it while it’s happening. You can also make a screenshot of it:

    You can upload it to your blog’s Media Library and I can look at it there.

    For the milestone widget, we don’t have a fix yet. I’ll let you know as soon as we do. :)


    Hi, thankyou for your help;
    yes I will make a sceenshot next time it happens; that will be a first for me too; I like learning new things :)

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