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mini table of contents

  1. I am wondering how you get a table of contents on a post. Much like there is on here:

    Is this possible?

  2. Hi. The support document you are quoting already tells you how to create links to virtually any place you want. Could you please clarify what other information you need or what you are trying to do?

  3. I have the same question - on the page adunaic linked to there is a mini table of contents with links from it to other parts of the same page. It is this that I, and suspect question originator, is looking to emulate.


  4. Ah, fantastic. Any tips on creating the cool little box too to house the links in?

  5. you are stars - thanks for the help.

    One last question - how to align the box to the right and use it as a template for new pages? Or am I pushing it a bit now :-)

  6. Link to the page in question please, so we can see what you've done and tell you how to modify it.

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