Miniature in gallery doesn't link to attachment page

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    Hi everyone,

    I just registered on in order to write a blog about my trip in Bangkok.
    I’m already glad because I found out how to insert a gallery and a slideshow! Haha

    But, I would like my gallery to link at the attachment page so then readers can comment on each photo individually. Instead it just links the picture to a bigger size (carousel?) but my concern is that (1) you don’t see the description of the picture, and (2) you cannot comment on the picture. You can see what I mean by going on this page here.

    Regarding the setting, I could change the settings either to “link the miniatures to picture file” or to “attachment page”, clicking on the miniature always links to this carousel.

    Can someone please help me?
    Many thanks,


    The blog I need help with is



    I’m sorry but there is no way to disable the carousel at this point in time. The only way to disable the carousel is to not use it. In other words, do not use the [gallery] shortcode.

    Clicking “Permalink” in the Carousel view takes you to wherever the thumbnail used to (either the full image file or attachment page with comments).

    The Caption box is for the text that appears directly beneath the image in the carousel.
    The Description box is for the text that appears in the Permalink.



    Does it mean I have to insert each picture individually ?

    Or can I replace the gallery shortcode by something that would show the pictures from this gallery, without the gallery format ?



    The only way you can really do this is to have each photo in its own post. There isn’t a way for each photo to have its own comments thread otherwise.

    If you give a photo a caption then that will show up when it’s inserted into your post, either as a thumbnail or as a larger size, depending on the option you choose. The viewer just won’t see that description in the gallery.



    Mmh okay I see. I find that this is not user-friendly at all !

    Too bad, I might go for Blogger or another one instead, anyway thanks for your help.



    This is an excellent resource site on Galleries created and updated kept by a forum Volunteer.



    Yeah thanks timethief, I already checked it but couldn’t find any solution, except insert one by one each picture…

    Should I be able to find another solution there?



    The introduction of the Carousel has messed up getting to the Attachment page easily. At the moment, you’ll have to instruct your visitors that they can comment on images by clicking on the permalink that appears under each image in the Carousel.

    FWIW-when the Carousel was introduced in November last year, and the forums filled up with threads from upset users mentioning that people could no longer comment on their photos or see the photo descriptions, Staff told us that this was the first iteration of the Carousel and that changes would be coming. We’re still waiting.



    That’s too bad because the attachment page is a very cool feature that you don’t find on many other blogging supports!

    What’s the point to have it if you cannot link a gallery photo to it ! And what’s the point at having a description box if it doesn’t appear anywhere?

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