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Minileven, custom header not showing

  1. Hi all!
    I was glad to see the release of Minileven but I cannot see nor the custom header nor the "navigation menu" made of my pages.

    While in the we see this:

    <img src="" alt="nic-screen-11-2455875-alle-16.56.30" />

    I see this:
    <img src="" width="374" height="560" alt="Minileven, mobile theme on Cucchiarando" border="0"/>

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. My best guess is that Inuit Types does NOT actually have a Header Image per se. It's just a widget area that appears on the front page only, and which can contain an image. That widget area does not exist in the Minileven theme.

    If you absolutely want a header image to appear both on your standard and mobile version, you may choose a theme that actually has a Header image instead.

  3. @airodyssey thanks! You're guessing right. Thanks for the help!

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