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    When i use the Minileven theme the Header, Images doesn’t fit to the screen as seen in this screenshot( Is there any solution for this?

    The blog I need help with is


    I just checked from my iPhone and the width looks normal to me. Here is what I see: Did you change your CSS to fix the issue? It looks like you have made some pretty extensive custom CSS updates, including lots of changes to the mobile theme itself, so if you need further help, please include a little more detail about what you’ve tried already.



    Please have a look at which is the screen shot of the post
    Hope you can see a blank space on the right side of the screen.


    I tried skimming through the few thousand lines of custom CSS code you have added, and I think it’s pretty hard to spot where the problem might be. Maybe try reducing the 2.5% padding on the “.mobile-theme #page” selector? If that doesn’t help, I can try to guide you through some more involved troubleshooting steps.

    One route for troubleshooting would be to first make a backup of your current CSS in a separate file, then remove all of the CSS rules that start with .mobile-theme and testify to see if the spacing column is still there. If it’s not, add back the CSS in chunks until you find the one that causes the problem. Then start removing just small pieces of that chunk until you find the exact rule that’s making the spacing change.

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