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    I have the Visual theme with responsive layout which works fine except that I have small figures with wrap around text and the columns get too narrow when reducing the window width before it switches from 3 -> 2 columns. I read that they are 265px wide (minimum I guess) but I don’t know how to increase that with CSS.

    Thanks for any assistance


    The blog I need help with is


    I have a little info on this, a possibly related issue, and another question.

    I suspect that minimum column width can’t be set with CSS for the Visual Theme, at least not easily.

    When the width is changed so the theme switches between 2 and 3 columns, there is a point where you get two columns that are very narrow and lots of blank space. This happens with the example blog of the Visual Theme as well unfortunately (Firefox).

    My question is whether these are just problems with the Visual theme or whether changing to another responsive theme would cure them.

    Thanks for any assistance



    It seems like a possible theme bug to me, but an edge case since it only affects a narrow set of browser widths. I have added a request for the theme team to review this when they can, and someone will reply back here as soon as they have a chance to review the report.


    Thanks for your help. Yes, I went looking for a similar dark responsive theme (didn’t find one) but they transitioned correctly between 2 and 3 columns. I like the theme and hope it can be resolved.



    Do keep in mind the browser widths affected is a small range: about 791px to 810px. It’s actually pretty unlikely any of your viewers will really have their browser windows set to that size. I wouldn’t consider it a major bug at all and I don’t see it as a blocker to using the theme.


    Yes, I agree, I suppose only with small tablets. It’s a bit like a spot on the cutlery, once you see it you can’t unsee it.


    I’m sure a lot fewer people than you think will see the 791 to 810px view. You’d be amazed how many cutlery spots go unnoticed in the world… :D

    I think you’re site looks really great btw!

    (and the spot-on-the-cutlery analogy made me smile)


    Thanks, glad you liked the site.


    The Visual theme has been updated. I tested it and it looks good to me. @stevewsimpson, can you test it out to make sure it looks good to you as well?


    Yes it does. Thanks very much for you time on this.

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