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Minimum to wide

  1. kulturiskolanvarmland

    I´m using the minimum theme in an iframen an most things works out well. But. It´s about 50 px to wide is there a way to modify the CSS to make it the right size for me?
    The best thing for me would be if someone could help me with a modified CSS code that I can insert.
    Im looking forwaard to some help

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please be aware that all free hosted blogs are free hosted on this platform and they are not intended to be embedded into iframes. Moreover, iframes are notorious for being security and stability risks to any sites they are used on.

    Every WordPress blog has multiple RSS feeds. This is the RSS Feed URL for your posts If your website has the ability to draw from an RSS feed that's all you need. If your website is NOT equipped to draw from RSS feeds then do be aware we do not provide support for that.
    You will have to write something in PHP or javascript to do that. Here are a couple options:
    Support for your website is provided here

  3. One good alternative might be to map a subdomain like to your blog. If that sounds good to you, here's information about how to do it:

  4. With regard to editing the width of the Minimum theme, check out the example posted in this past thread:

    You should be able to use that as a starting point and adjust the values as needed.

  5. kulturiskolanvarmland

    Thank You designsimply. It didn´t work perfectly but it´s much better.
    The problem is that the widgets aspecially the cloud widgets dosen´t fit perfect in a narrower sidebar

  6. It's possible you need to make some additional adjustments.

    I checked and I see that you're currently using the following CSS:

    #wrap {
    	width: 910px;
    .content-sidebar #content, .sidebar-content #content {
    	width: 650px;
    #sidebar-alt, .sidebar {
    	width: 270px;

    And I see that there is a tag cloud and a category cloud in the footer widget area, but they look good there. If you'd like help adjusting the widths for those in the sidebar, could you move them and reply back here with a link so I can take a closer look?

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