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Minor Suggestion on Showcase

  1. As it stands, in the (very awesome) new Oxygen theme, the text when you mouse over the big image or the six little ones seems to default to the image name, which leads to some very ugly pop-up text like "pictures-1" or "IMG2476" or "hot_air_balloon_24"

    It's possible to work around this by going back into a post, removing the featured image, changing that image's name and then re-selecting that featured image, but that's a pain to do manually for each and every post.

    Is there any way to switch the default mouse-over text to be the name of the article instead of the name of the image? It seems like that would be a much cleaner look.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. @azreous,

    Thanks for you suggestion. I can't promise anything at this time but I'll bring up your suggestion to discuss internally.

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