Minor suggestions – updating process getting stuck, adding tags en masse,

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    1. I have this problem that sometimes during the process of updating the blog post when I have a bad internet connection, the updating process gets “stuck”. The circle next to the updating button never stops spinning and I can’t do anything without losing my progress – I can’t refresh, I can’t go back a page, I can’t click on the button to “unblock it” or update it again.
    The problem is that there is no way to stop and retry the update. No second update button to use when this one gets stuck.

    2. I could really use the option to choose from ALL of my tags. I go through my popular tags to see which fit the new blog post but typing random things to find tags I’ve used before is tedious. I could really use an option on the Tags page to check the boxes next to tags and then add them to a chosen blog post en masse (going to another tags page would probably revert my choices but I could at least use adding all the tags from one tags page).

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