Mis-LINKED-Abused! wanted to be remove from a site

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    The owner of toptaiwansites.com/blog has added my page of family holiday photos to their blogroll, under 2005chinesenewyear. Their site is actually a resource site for Taiwan. I am not even remotely close to being anything Taiwan and desperately wanted to contact the webmaster to have my link removed. BUT.. there isn’t an email link, nor is there any button that could link me to leave comments.. I am so frustrated that [line removed – drmike].. Does anyone know what I can do? or is there a place I can complaint to at wordpress that some one could see to this matter?? I am so concerned because my photo page also has links to my other pages. I cannot understand how could someone do this? and WHY????



    Because they can.

    WHOIS for the domain in question. Contact information listed. (for what good it’ll do you.)

    It’s a spam site. (Note the adverts) I seriously doubt that you will get any response from them.

    Um, I’ve removed the link from your post and made it a non working one. I don’t think you want to be giving them a plug for the search engines. I’ll also go ahead and remove the threat. :)

    You can contact The Planet where the site is hosted. Some people consider them to be a Spam-Support company so I do not know if they’re even going to be willing to discuss the matter with you.

    You can also try complaining to Google Adsence. I doubt they’ll do anything either. They haven’t in the past with spammers nor copyright violators.

    I *STRONGLY* suggest you sound a lot more professional though when you contact them. If I got what you wrote up above, it would go straight into the bit bucket. No offense intended of course.


    :) why not offer to sue them immediately :)

    Put a link / copyright notice on your site …



    Are they hotlinking?
    If so, replace your real photo’s with different ones – like with STOLEN written on or similar.

    A dnsreport
    says their name server is ‘servermatrix’
    That leads here: http://servermatrix.com/

    They are certain to have broken the AUP:

    Start yelling – and you could probably include the DMCA and such – go look at the TOS for this domain for helpful info.



    Just a word of caution re: yelling.
    It’s truly important to have a cool tempered devil’s advocate read and assist in editing anything you write prior to firing it off into cyber space. Please understand that I’m on your side but that you must be cautious about the words you use when expressing your rage.

    Libel & Slander Rights and Wrongs

    We live in a democracy and freedom of speech is our right, however, with rights come responsibilities. In North America our freedom of speech is very limited. So while it’s true that we are all entitled to make ‘fair comment’ on any issue of public interest, the legal rule of thumb is: ‘fair comment’ must reflect an honestly held opinion based upon proven fact and must not be motivated by malice.

    Accordingly, any author may go as far as to presume motives on the part of a person whose actions he or she is criticizing in print, provided the motives presumed are based on fact and are reasonable given the circumstances.

    Both common law and provincial legislation protect every person in a democracy from harm to their reputation arising from false and derogatory remarks being made about their person (defamation). Both slander (verbal) and libel (printed) are included in the definition of defamation.

    Defamation is a ‘strict liability’ legal tort, which means it does not matter if it was intentional or the result of negligence, defamatory material is presumed to be false and malicious.

    Although evidence of repetition to others is required to prove slander, such proof is not required in libel, the damage is presumed as it is published.

    Thus, ‘whatever a man publishes, he publishes at his peril’. (Yes, this is an exception to the legal rule for in fact you’re presumed guilty in law until you prove yourself innocent.)

    Please be aware that writing on the WP forum (or anywhere else in cyber space) under a psuedonym, avatar or “handle” does not offer you or the site administrator any protection from a lawsuit for libel. It also does not offer protection from a frivilous SLAPP suit either.

    Be aware that some folks have so much money, so little worthwhile to do, and tend to think so highly of themselves that they may commence a SLAPP suit (Strategic Law Suit to Prevent Public Participation) at the drop of a hat. It can cost you a fortune and years of your life to prove you weren’t guilty and they were.

    Even if you’re successful the legal award you get from the court will mostly go to the lawyer that defended you. Moreover, the rich person or corporation who frivilously sued you can and will write off all his or her legal costs of as a business expense.

    So please be smart. Speak in the first person singular whenever possible in your written communication. State “It’s my opinion that” or “I believe that” or “Correct me if I’m wrong but I think” and always take the cautious approach when complaining about anyone or anything.

    Avoid commenting at all on issues that are of a personal nature. If you’re angry or hurt wait for a full 48 hours before you post. Then check your wording out at least 3 times for malicious intent (determination to hurt another person). Most of all limit your reporting of feelings of hurt, offence or outrage to only to the substantive issues.

    Never ever state that something is fact unless you can absolutely prove it to be so, far beyond a reasonable shadow of a doubt.

    Never ever rely on hearsay. If you weren’t there and didn’t see or hear it happen then you shouldn’t put your own neck (and the administrators’) out on the chopping block.

    Thanks for reading this posting. I hope you found the information useful. I apologize for the preachy tone but it had to be said.

    Freedom, truth and justice are there for those who think smart and are cautious.

    Best regards.



    timethief: my, my, isn’t someone in the mood for long posts. =P did you study law or stg? you seem to know something abt lawsuits. i think some first-timers in this forum are just not aware the importance of language here and unintentionally use their normal speech which may include mild swear words. i generally see wp forum participants a cordial lot though sometimes it might sound impolite due to the natural flaw of typed speech without description of tone.



    This was a cut and paste post of a writing that was already drafted. A young man I knew who was poorly treated by a company lost control and composure. He sent sent a very *NON PROFESSIONAL* message to the company thorugh cyber space with horrible consequences. The message was libelous and contained obscene language that exposed his malice towards the company’s president. He began being in the right, however, because he was not cautious he had his butt sued right into the poorhouse. Also as a political activist I have had to stand by and watch my friends get arrested, do jail time and then suffer through a SLAPP suit for libel brought upon them by a greedy logging company that was cutting 300 year old trees to ship as raw logs to Japan. drmike’s adivce above about being professional in formal communication is solid gold. IMO it should be used in combination with the yelling podz suggests.



    Whoever invented WhoIs should be banished to hell and pelted with rocks.



    :) why not offer to sue them immediately :)

    Put a link / copyright notice on your site …

    Please! Spam site or not, they haven’t done anything (unless I missed seeing it) but post a link. Nothing illegal or even morally wrong in that.

    rocket4rocket, unless they have posted copyrighted images and you hold the CR there is zero, zip nadda you can do about it. Fact of the matter is they can even post an excerpt of text from your site with a link and be within their rights under Fair Use policy.

    My advice… forget it, frothing at the mouth to the owners of The Planet is not worth the time.



    That blog is a spam blog, with automatically scrapped content by robots. It is unlikely you’ll be able to do anything about them except report them to their hosts as spam. This thread is really not appropiate for these forums.

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