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misbehaving widget?

  1. Hi there - I work on, and I think the widget on blogs is misbehaving and might need a tweak.

    We're seeing metric craploads of feed requests like this with * referers:;

    Looking at a random blog (, I see this apparently invisible code snippet:

    <li id="delicious" class="widget widget_delicious">
    <h2 class="widgettitle"><a href=''></a></h2>
    <div id="delicious-box" class="snap_preview" style="margin:0;padding:0;border:none;"> </div>
    <script type="text/javascript" src=";"></script>

  2. Oh, and this has been happening for quite some time now, but it only just now occurred to me that I might try seeing if I could contact someone at support :)

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