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Misleading Advertising on Theme page accessed via Appearance tab

  1. Now that is selling themes, it needs to be aware of misleading advertising and adopt a policy concerning whether it will tolerate such advertising. It has come to my attention that one of the major vendors of the premium themes on (it has six of the 23 premium themes available as of 12/2/11) is stripping out a lot of functionality in the themes it is selling on without any public disclosure of that fact. I don't know if there is a technical explanation of this stripping. But there is clearly a significant difference between the same advertised theme sold on and for traditional webhosted site. In at least one case, the differences include stripped out SEO, sidebar manager, custom widget, and options panel. Given that until someone actually purchases the theme there is no way to find out about these omissions, this appears to be a classic case of bait and switch (as in thinking you're buying one product and then discovering you're getting a very different one).

    Undoubtedly, the vendor has a good excuse for these omissions. But I'd like to point out another related misleading aspect of the vendor's advertising. When you purchase the theme on the vendor's website, there is no indication that if you want to use it on a website there is an additional fee; that is, that the vendor is really selling two versions of the theme: one for self-hosting and one for Arguably, the vendor is only testing out selling its themes on and doesn't want to publicize the fact or commit to a marketing strategy. But that doesn't negate the fact that its currently marketing is quite misleading.

    There is also the question on exactly what terms one is buying the themes on All this information s omitted. For example, will the themes be updated with future WordPress releases, as is the expectation and clearly stated terms of other theme contracts? Is the version of the theme being used only as a promo, where the theme could be removed tomorrow? Will the purchaser have to pay again every time the theme is updated on the site? These policies should be disclosed. If not, I think may eventually generate a lot of ill will for has an excellent brand. It would be a pitty to sully it with such misleading marketing practices.

  2. Nothing about self hosting sites has anything to do with WordPress.Com.

    WordPress.COM and WordPress.ORG are two entirely separate entities and if you have a problem with anything advertising wise with WordPress.Com then you need to take it up with the staff, not posting it in the Off Topic forum where most people will likely not even bother reading this dribble of shit.

    Once you have bought a premium theme, that theme is yours, a one off payment, no theme's get deleted they only get added. Everything else you've mentioned is pointless even commenting on.

  3. All themes at follow the same policies. When theme updates are available, they are provided automatically free of charge. You don't have to do anything. As long as a theme is updated for the end, it will be updated here too.

    I won't deny that there is a very slim chance that a theme may be abandoned by its developers and no longer updated. That decision is up to the theme's developers, but we have free themes on that haven't been updated for five years and they still work just fine. By that time, you might want to switch to a new theme anyway just to change up your look.

    Many premium themes run with code or plugins that we can't allow on for security and stability reasons. This is to both keep you safe, and keep things running smoothly without fatal errors, memory limits, and other such annoyances that you can experience when self-hosting a blog. Unfortunately, a side-effect of this is that there will be difference in features between the theme available to blogs and the theme available on This is also true of some of the free themes here as well.

    If you're every curious, you can find all of the features and other useful information about every theme on at

    Specifically, premium themes are listed at

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