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    I imported my blogs from Blogger to WordPress, but I did that twice:
    Background: There were a lot of DRAFT blogs from Blogger because all of these really came from my Multiply account.

    I did my first import by importing everything from Blogger. What was only imported are: a thousand of comments for those DRAFT blogs and one published blog I did directly in Blogger.

    Since WordPress did not import my DRAFT blogs, I published the blogs in Blogger, then I started my second import. Here, what were imported are the published blogs in Blogger only.

    My problem is that the comments that are supposedly assigned for each of the blog do not reflect in my WordPress. When I look into the table of comments in my Dashboard, all of them are all under a blog that I wrote directly in WordPress but when I checked that specific blog in public view, they are not reflected.

    I want to have each of the comments be reflected to the blogs that they are supposed to be reflected.
    here’s my wordpress: bunsongpayat.wordpress.com
    here’s my blogger: bunsongpayat.blogspot.com

    what should I do? Is there an easy way?

    The blog I need help with is bunsongpayat.wordpress.com.



    Oh my, you are going to need Staff help to sort this and I tagged the thread for their attention. Please subscribe to the thread dos your are notified when they respond.



    Thank you timethief..



    Hi there, I checked the links you provided above and contacted you via email so that we can try and import your content directly from Multiply into WordPress.com. Please reply to that email when convenient, thank you!

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